Software Testing and
Quality by Passion
We offer agile solutions and consulting in the area of
software quality, so that your application becomes even better.
We assist you in the planning and execution of manual and automated
tests as well as the building of an excellent test culture.
We work on-site or remotely.
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Testing applications
Do you need assistance in testing your software or would you like to know how your product is perceived by the end users?
You can outsource testing as needed and quite flexibly.
Establishing a testing culture
For us, testing is a passion, not a profession. We help you to establish an effective testing culture in your company.
Automated checks ("test automation")
Automation of checks brings stability over your application. We use UI test frameworks such as Selenium in C#.
Exploratory testing
It emphasizes the experience, autonomy, competence and creativity of the tester and is vital for a very good quality of applications.
Risk-based testing
A targeted analysis of the potential risks helps to prioritize and focus the corresponding tests during test execution.
Application Lifecycle Management & Tools
Stakeholders, developers and QA testers work on your software every day. We can optimize your processes so that you work even better together as an agile team and deliver high-quality software. We help you select and configure the right tools to make your teams‘ work easier.

Any piece of software reflects the organizational structure that produced it.

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